Farsightedness and expert knowledge

The Swiss Aviation Journalists Association (SAJ) is not an airline lobby. Our members are independent journalists who cover airline topics with expertise and in a balanced, nuanced way. We are well aware that the increasing need for mobility and interconnected economic centres and tourist hot spots has its price. We evaluate not only the benefits generated by the growth of the international air traffic industry but also its costs. In a more than ever complex world of civil, private and military aviation our profound knowledge allows us to address issues such as human and technical risks, security and threats. We get things into perspective for a broadening public, be it the rapid development of aviation activity or its future perspectives.

A collective understanding of economic, logistic, political and social interactions makes SAJ a competent and discerning partner for media, organizations and agencies directly or indirectly engaged in aviation matters.  Keeping our members up to date and broaden their expertise is the aim and purpose of our association, by organising discussions, lectures, conferences or fact finding missions and also by a frequent exchange between colleagues. A large part of Switzerlands daily and weekly newspapers, consumer and trade magazines, radio and TV stations is represented by freelance or salaried journalists. And we are of course pleased to welcome new applicants who address aviation issues on a regular basis and are interested to enhance their professional knowledge. In this sense: per ardua ad astra ! (through adversity to the stars, motto of the Royal Air Force).

Best wishes,

Hansjörg Egger
Member of the board

PS: Our intro sound is a tribute to the first female F14 tomcat pilot Kara „Revlon“ Hultgreen who died in a failed approach on the aircraft carrier „Abraham Lincoln“ in 1994. She got the nick name „Revlon“ because – being the first fighter pilot and poster girl of the US Navy – she was often styled and made up for foto and film recordings before take-off.